About Us

One Kegworth was founded in 2016 and was originally called "The One Weekend in Kegworth"

A group of like-minded people from the community joined each other with a vision of bringing all the events that happen in Kegworth together for one big weekend event.

The first One Weekend in Kegworth event was held over the weekend of Friday 10th June- Monday 13th June 2016 and consisted of a wide range of activities, events, demonstrations, celebrations and more. The driving force for this exciting weekend was to bring the community together and to showcase the wide range activities we have available in our village.

We received overwhelming support from village residents, local businesses and University students, with support and sponsorship from those including North West Leicestershire Council, Kegworth Parish Council, East Midlands Airport and the University of Nottingham.

Over the weekend we managed to raise over £7,000

For charity and over 60 groups, businesses, clubs and societies came together to provide a weekend of family fun and activities for all to enjoy. You can read more about our 2016 event in our 2016 Impact Report.

In December 2016 we also took on the role of organising the Christmas lights switching on in the Market Place on behalf of the Kegworth Parish Council. This event was a huge success and residents and visitors were treated to a range of food, hot drinks, performances, arts and crafts and children’s rides.

Moving into 2017, the One Kegworth committee agreed that we had so much more to offer, we could provide a number of events throughout the year- not just our June event. With this in mind, we have taken on the responsibility for organising the Easter Charter Market and have plans for a Picnic in the Park in the summer. A wider vision and even more enthusiasm to drive our plans forward resulted in our name change to One Kegworth, to allow us to encompass all of our events throughout the year. 2017 Impact Report & 2018 Impact Report

The One Kegworth Mission

Our mission is to bring the community in Kegworth together as one and to showcase all we have to offer in our diverse village. Recent surveys demonstrate that there is a perceived lack of community spirit in Kegworth and we aim to address this by providing a range of fun, family-friendly and accessible events throughout the year. We want to support local businesses and encourage visitors to the village whilst creating a positive sense of community spirit.