Privacy Policy

One Kegworth utilises "Google Analytics" to collect non-sensitive & non-identifiable information about their visitors which enables us to further improve our website and events for a better user-experience, the Data collected is anonymous and not at all personally identifiable, all information is protected and used only to improve the website and future events, and will not be re-sold or shared to third-parties.

Information Google Analytics Collects

  • Referral Website: i.e Facebook, Google etc.
  • Type of Computer Operating System (OS) used: i.e Windows, Mac etc.
  • Type of Web Browser used: i.e Google Crome, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Visitors GEO-location: i.e town, city, country.
  • Visitors Age & Gender.
  • Visitors behaviour of browsing our website: i.e pages viewed, time spent on pages, page speed loading times etc..

How do you opt out? if you are certain you would like to opt-out you may do this by turning off cookies in the preferences settings found in your web browser or alternately install Google's Opt-out browser ad-on found at


What are Cookies? simply small text files placed and stored on a users computer by websites visited. Cookies are used to make certain websites work better or work in more of an efficient way, and can provide informational data to the website owners relating to how the website is used and how often by the visitors.

  • Session : PHPSESSID : this cookie does not relate to or store any personal information, a temporary session cookie that lasts for the duration of your visit and is deleted when you leave.
  • Google Analytics : _ga,_gat,_gid : Helps count how how many visitors we get and if you have visited before to the website and pages. Expiring, _ga 2 years, _gat 1 minute and _gid 1 day.

If you have any concerns or questions please do send us an e-mail through our contact page.